you-matterSuicide is a complex action influenced by a wide range of variables impacting a person’s life and situation. Risk is affected by a combination of vulnerability factors, stressful life events, threshold of pain tolerance, and degree of impulse control.

What to do if you suspect someone may be considering suicide:

  • Accept the problem as serious. If you think the risk of suicide is immediate, do not leave the person alone.
  • Talk with the person about your concern. Don’t be afraid to bring up the subject of suicide.
    • You can say, "I'm concerned about you."
    • Ask if they are thinking of killing themself
    • Listen to what they are saying and do not panic
    • Do not keep their answers a secret
  • Trust your suspicions and tell a responsible adult about your concerns.

If you are considering suicide, please tell a trusted adult and/or call a

Suicide hotline at 221-5445 or 1-800-273-TALK or use the Crisis Text Line at 741741

Below are a list of links and resources for additional information about suicide. Please note that on some of the sites, you may have to do a search to find the suicide related information and resources.