Peace of MindPeace Management, New Skills for a New Age

"Stress Management" strategies and helpful relaxation tips run rampant everywhere we look, but let's stop and think for a minute: why would we want to "manage" something that we don't want in the first place?  No matter what our age, we all have the ability to feel calm, relaxed and at peace.  When we can recognize that ability and learn to maintain those feelings we can then practice Peace Management.

It takes specific skills to maintain a feeling of peace and calm or to get back there when we've lost our way.  Be mindful that everything we think, say and do is a choice.  Our actions throughout our day and our reactions to situations are also a choice.  We can choose to react impulsively and emotionally to a situation, or we can choose to take a minute to stay mindful and calm so that we are empowered to make our best decisions and take the most reasonable and rational actions.

Anyone can harness the skills to be mindful, stay in the present moment and learn to slow down and be more relaxed in most any situation.  As with any new skill we would like to learn, we either study on our own or seek a teacher, but no matter the path, it does take time and practice!  When we choose to practice, learn and maintain Peace Management we will then be empowered to make the best decisions more calmly, more often and to dilute, diffuse, and deflect the stress associated with our varied life situations.


- Sheri Toth, DSA, AHHA

Sheri Toth is a certified meditation and relaxation coach.  The OmTeen outreach program is designed to help empower teens with the Peace Management and Mind Fitness skills to feel more in control of their environment and more at peace with themselves.