You DecideIt is essential for students to find a balance in their lives when planning for their academic courses.  Below is information to assist students and parents in making an educated decision about what classes to take in future years.  Please remember that it is important to take an academically challenging load while also having adequate time to participate in other activities and explore personal interests.

Blank Time Commitment Planning Calendar and reference times

Sample student time commitment planning calendar

Advanced Coursework Comparison Advisory Sheets:

English 1/ Honors English 1

English 2/ Honors English 2

English 3/ AP English Language

French 2/ Honors French 2

French 3/ Honors French 3

French 4/ Honors French 4

AP French/ IB French

Spanish 2/ Honors Spanish 2

Spanish 3/ Honors Spanish 3

Spanish 4/ Honors Spanish 4

Spanish 5/ AP Spanish

AP Latin/ IB Latin

US History/ AP US History

Government/ AP US Government

Modern World History/ AP European History

Physical Science/ Honors Physical Science

Biology/ Honors Biology

Chemistry/ Honors Chemistry