typingWKHS is currently on a remote learning schedule.  The schedule of classes is attached.

It is important for students and parents to be aware that students are expected to be online during each of their designated class periods.  On Fridays, all 8 classes will meet in person, but on Monday through Thursday, students will only have live online sessions with four of their classes per day.  Students will work independently on the assignments for their other classes each day, just as if you were in school and had homework assignments to complete.  

Attendance is required in your class online sessions and teachers will be tracking attendance each day.  Students will be expected to be online with their cameras on for the entire class period.  This is important because if you do not have internet access and a chromebook or computer with a camera, then you will want to request a loaner chromebook and/or wifi hotspot from the school so that you will be able to actively participate in your classes.  A link to the Technology Request form is here.

You may be wondering what "Connections" time is for and there are many different options for how you can utilize that time.  For example, you can use that time to connect with your teachers to get extra support. As your school counselors, we think it is an ideal time to work with us and we hope to be hosting remote workshops and college visits during this time.  This time can be used to work on the assignments for your other classes which will not be meeting online for that particular day.  And it is also a chance for you to get up, move around, find something to eat and enjoy a little break before your afternoon classes begin.  I suspect that this time will be loved by students for how flexible and versatile it will be to allow you to get more help or meet with WKHS staff.

The district and building staff have been working to create many documents that can help students and parents learn more and easily access and use the Schoology technology as a single entry point for all of your classes.  Below are some of those tools to assist you:

Schoology Resources for Students: Includes information such as how to log in, how to submit assignments and how to set up notifications.

Schoology Resources for Parents

Tips for Online Student Success

Expectations for Student Learning

Having trouble accessing portal? Try this information to help.

CSCC CC+ Students: Using Blackboard

CSCC CC+ Students: Orientation Information